E-type Strong Clip

E-type Strong Clip Photographic Lamp Holder Flash Clip E-shaped Fixture Accessories Multi-function for Camera Flash Photograph


  • Can clamp on most light stands, tripods, pipes or board to mount photographic equipments.   

  • The strong clip can be installed to flash holder, base, TTL cord and flash trigger with standard screw hole.   

  • The strong clip main body is made of metal, sturdy and durable.  

  • It is easy to use and can clamp onto virtually anything in your studio to provide you with flexibility to mount your camera wherever you need it most. 

  • Just attach it to your camera or flash cold shoe via the tripod screw mount and clamp it wherever you need. 

  • Clamps onto light stands, background support, and boom arms. 

  • Tripod head is universal and will fit most cameras.  


  • aterial: Metal aluminum iron

  • Uses: can be clipped reflective board

  • Weight: 218g

  • Colour: Black 


  • 1* E Type Clip*  1 pc